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Based on the creative brief, I conducted primary and secondary research to further dive into what specific goals the app should have or pursue.  Also, I analyzed the competition specific to each app or website's features, the pros and cons and my take aways.


Interviews were conducted to find both qualitative and quantitative results to determine what possible features that the app should or should not have. 

First and foremost started with general questions to the universe and from that three questions stemmed and formed.

Universal questions

  • How hard is it now to find a perfect wedding dress after the pandemic?

  • How have people found specific dress styles to find something that flatters their body type?

  • How many people are finding wedding dress shopping stressful?


Q: What would make it easier for you to find a wedding dress?

Honestly going into store.

Q: How do you find specific dress styles to find something that flatters your body?

I look online at picture, google is my best friend

Q : How would you find wedding dress shopping stressful?

Not being able to find something that is not flattering that fits my body type. Or stores that cater to all sizes


Q: What would make it easier for you to find a wedding dress?Hmmm....knowing what style I want. I think I really wanted a mermaid one...but my mom sold me of a ballgown....but I was kinda confused on what style I choosing

Q: How do you find specific dress styles to find something that flatters your body?

Going in person. So that can be stressful when family is watching and giving an opinion.

Q : How would you find wedding dress shopping stressful?

People's opinion clashing. Or finding one that flatters the body shape....


Q: What would make it easier for you to find a wedding dress?

Definitely seeing dresses on models my size and then if there was a way to click on the dress and it would share different locations where I could find the dress.

Q: How do you find specific dress styles to find something that flatters your body?

I Googled  "What style dress fits a rectangular shape body?" And these Pinterest boards popped up with the best cuts to get.

Q : How would you find wedding dress shopping stressful?

There are so many options and wondering "is this the one?" And making the big purchase. Then going to another store and finding something better but its too late because you bought the first one. Most bridal shops don't have the dresses in all sizes so your actually trying dresses that don't actually fit you. You're being clipped into these dresses. So you don't actually know if its actually going to look amazing on you.

secondary research

During the phase of my secondary research, the goal was to find out how necessary the purpose of the LWDS app would be. Finding information about how big of a scope the wedding industry is especially coming out of the pandemic.

Q1: Why/how is the wedding industry so huge?
After pandemic, the celebratory demand is colliding with supply chain
backlogs, labor shortages, and inflation

Wedding vendors are reporting a flood of new inquiries for spring and
summer weddings as couples.

Americans are expected to host nearly 2.5 million weddings this year,
up about 30 percent from last year and the most in nearly four decades,
according to the Wedding Report, a national trade group.

People had to give up key rituals during covid, and now that pent-up
desire is back and possibly going haywire.”

Average spending on weddings rose 25 percent last year, to more than
$27,000, according to the Wedding Report.

An estimated 80 percent of wedding dresses, for example, come from
China, where new coronavirus outbreaks have shut down entire cities.

“Wedding vendors tend to be the smaller mom-and-pops that didn’t
make it through covid.

Wedding Services Market to Reach $414.2Bn, Globally, by 2030 at 4.8%
CAGR: Allied Market Research

Q2: How many couples/people are currently engaged?
Overall, the trend shows a global decline – but only a relatively small
one, from 69% in 1970 to 64% projected for 2020. At any given point in
the last five decades, around two-thirds of all women were married or
cohabitated. There are differences between regions.

Let’s break that down: On average, 1,825,743 couples become engaged
each year, and that means 282,900 of those proposals happen in

2022. Roughly 2.5 million weddings are expected to happen this year,
the most since 1984, according to the Wedding Report, a trade group
that gathered its data through a survey of vendors and consumers.

A majority of the planned 2022 celebrations are rescheduled events
from the last two years.

Shane McMurray, the Wedding Report’s founder, has a tip. “If you’re
going to go through with a wedding in 2022, be patient,” he said. And
financially flexible, too, because he anticipates that the average cost of
a wedding in 2021, around $22,000, will rise to just under $25,000.

Q3: How many wedding dress companies are there in the world?
The global wedding wear market size was estimated at USD 61.59
billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 65.04 billion in 2020.

Women are increasingly becoming fashion-conscious owing to
the advent of e-commerce, social media influencers, and fashion

The global market is highly penetrated and competitive with global
players engaging in product innovation strategies. Major designers are
focusing on improving their global footprints by entering into foreign markets.

Resources for Questions

The competition

Dove deeper in research to analyze the competition. I created a competitive positioning chart to determine the scope of my app in terms of cost value and quality.

M4_Leila_San Jose_Page_3.png

Competitive analysis chart

Analyzed mobile apps and websites of competition and listed the pros and cons for inspiration.

M4_Leila_San Jose_Page_5.png
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