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The LWDS Project

For this project I was asked to explore three possibilities and narrowed it to one.


Weddings can be very stressful when it comes to planning, especially when the bride-to-be is finding the perfect wedding dress.

Finding the wedding dress of your dreams shouldn't be an added stress to all that you have to do.

The Lwds Creative brief

Learn more about my Less Wedding Dress Stress Project through this creative brief, starting with the five principles of the app.

The 5 principles


When it comes to finding a dress it must be fast and easily accessible for the user to help ease the user's stress of finding a wedding dress.


A user can easily take a photo and the app is capable of scanning the photo as it educates about dresses that flatter body type alone.


This app must provide visual cues and emphasis that is easily communicated to the user. This app will help users navigate through the app with ease decreasing the overwhelming anxiety of finding a wedding dress.


This app will provide a platform to connect with others in sharing wedding dress inspiration, or directly contacting the wedding dress boutique/designer.


This app will provide a variety of dresses that will flatter the user's body type. This allows the user an unlimited amount of choices to choose from, at the convenience of their fingertips.

Provide context

This app will provide details of where to find their wedding dress, who to contact, and it's availability.


To make it easier and more efficient for brides to find the perfect wedding dress of their dreams.


To connect brides with stylists and wedding dress companies.


  • Each bride’s journey to finding her dress is unique

  • Bridal wear is so loaded with so many cultural and style references

  • Difficult for bride to decide what she wants to wear to flatter her body shape

  • Dress budgets vary


  • Looking for a dress within your budget is difficult

  • There is no way my dress will be here on time

  • Taking a quiz and having to do all the measurements through a

  • mobile app is overwhelming


  • Less Dress Stress shows a great amount of dress varieties that will fit my budget needs

  •  Receive notifications about the status of your dress and the date of when it will be completed/ready.

  • We scan your body type through our app and find the right dresses to flatter your body type

Target audience


Women of all ages anywhere in the world planning to get married. They are in search of the perfect wedding dress of their dreams.


The benefits include finding the perfect dress to fit and flatter the woman's body type, find inspiration, share it with those you love.


Potential business partners such as stylists and wedding dress

boutiques who are in search of an efficient way to increase their marketing exposure.


This offers work for stylists from home and it increases revenue for
businesses who want to expand internationally that do not have a lot of public relations.


We propose the LWDS (Less Wedding Dress Stress) mobile app as a solution to make it more easier, efficient and convenient for the bride-to-be to find her wedding dress,

the message

Less Wedding Dress Stress is where you can stress less to find the
dress of your dreams and connect you with professionals.

The goal

The goal of the app will help ease bride (she, her or they) into finding
the perfect wedding dress locally or internationally. Find out what
type of dress will flatter the body type through a scan, choose the materials, save info in one place, share with friends/family and locate the dress with the options of locating the dress locally, nationally or internationally.

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