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visual development: moodboard

First, I created one moodboard to visually show the design direction of the LWDS App I wanted to go with. After receiving feedback, I decided to create three different mood boards focused on different dress designs to explore different but possible ways I can move forward with.

Assignmemt 11.1.jpg

^ Moodboard 1

Keywords: elegant, timeless and minimal

Website moodboard.jpg

^ Revised Moodboard 1

Keywords: elegant, timeless and minimal

Website moodboard2.jpg

^ Revised Moodboard 2

Keywords: earthy, natural and rustic

Website moodboard3.jpg

^ Revised Moodboard 3

Keywords: bold, urban and elegant

Final moodboard

After reflecting on the project and having a conversation from my support group, I wanted to provide a visual system that was calming for stressful future brides. I focused on my audience with the goal to calm them in search of their perfect wedding dress.


final moodboard.jpg

Final Design Board

Calm, Relaxed and Peaceful

Remaining consistent with calm colors, for the design board I wanted to be consistent in pulling design elements that used the contrast between blue and white as well as using thin weights with just a minimal difference in typography hierarchy.

Final Design Board.jpg

Visual System Guide

Inspired from both moodboard and design board, I have created a visual system guide that is calming, with the use of blues, grays and whites but kept within the spectrum of showing elegance-that it has to do within the Wedding world.

App Name

LWDS-Less Wedding Dress Stress

LWDS Logo Design

landscape logo-04.png

Primary Horizontal Logo

Secondary Vertical Logo

Finale -02.png

Primary Vertical Logo

LWDS App icon

Finale -03.png

Primary App Icon

Finale -01.png

Secondary App Icon


Heading structure


Primary-New York 29 pixels

Secondary-Roboto 20 pixels

color palette

255, 250, 250


0, 0, 0


111, 113, 115


157, 158, 197



Heading & Body Text against light background

Primary background color for App

Secondary background color for App

Icon library

color palette.jpg
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